The C Word: Friends?

I’ve got friends I’ve had since before I had boobs or pubic hair or cancer. I only see them at reunions, funerals and Facebook and that’s ok because at least I know where to find them. And they’re so great for a “like” or a “poke” or a posted bit of advice when needed. (You know who you are) It’s the ones close to home that I have a problem with. The ones I expect to talk, type or text more than once every other month. I’ve rarely been the one waiting by the phone but when I am I know it can be torture. New England has never been known for it’s warm, fuzzy or friendly inhabitants. But it is true that once we’re friends, we’re friends for LIFE until I kill you for doing something stupid (figuratively speaking).

I just wish there was a way for us to spend more quality time together. I’ve said I don’t always want to be the aggressor, the one who always calls, the one who’s always available and yet I am. Every one in a while I want someone to contact ME first! And I don’t want it to take a death, an illness or me winning the lottery. Because then I’ll suspect you’re only talking to me because you feel guilty about not being a better friend during less trying times and I’d be RIGHT! And you’d still suck. Then I’d start wondering why we were ever friends in the first place and then that would just lead to me not liking you when I loved you before and you let me down but didn’t know it because we only talked that once and then you disappeared for like, 3 years and then you met that girl/guy…

Maybe I’m just too demanding. Maybe I’m just like my father too bold. Maybe I’m just like my mother. She’s never satisfied.

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  1. There are friends … and then there are friends. The first kind … well, you hear from them once in awhile and then, like ghosts (whence the term, “ghosted”), they vanish, not to be heard from again for months … or years … or decades … or ever. … Then, there are the other kind of friends … who actually want to get in touch with you or you with them. I can count on my fingers how many of those I have. … You are one of them. You’ll hear from me whether you want to not. so my question for you is … is that a blessing or a curse? … P.S. — I love the Prince reference (“When Doves Cry”) …

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