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Happy Lock-down Day 40?
OMG! It’s been way, way too long. Almost 5 years ago, today, I stopped doing something I really enjoyed. Having hair. Just kidding! I’m doing well and hope you are too. I guess life got in the way. What long strange trip it’s been!
I didn’t realize going to Costco would be such and ordeal. I didn’t have a mask. They weren’t going to let me in until I pulled the “R” card. Just kidding! I improvised. I had a K-2 Racing hood from a date night circa 11/2019. The door guy checking ID’s laughed when I said something about bank robbing. Hack, I know! No one made eye contact, not with me. The only one happy were the ones working. The were joking,(somberly& respectfully) while they lifted and loaded and did stuff. The manager directing the distance rules waved at me from across the line. That’s what most do when someone waves AT them. Sheila,the last checker before the parking lot, smiled when I lifted up my shirt (she was behind a plexi glass shield) instead of flashing my receipt. I seriously, seriously considered closing my trunk in between loads of groceries. I’ve never done that,anywhere, ever. I didn’t disinfect anything. Costco was out of wipes. I washed my hands for an hour, to shower and a shave. Whew! Maybe I’ll Netflix & Chill.

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