Happy Lock-down Day 40! I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to return. I didn’t go anywhere. Life got in the way. I didn’t realize going to Costco would be such an ordeal. I didn’t have a mask. They didn’t want to let me in so… I pulled the R card. Just kidding! I improvised, circa K-2 racing, date night 10/2019. . No one made I contact. What a great device, to be invisible but in full view, All because of piece of cloth, paper, nylon. I can make one with two paper towels, some paper clips and some rubber bands! The only pleasant people were the workers. They were joking, although somberly as they loaded and lifted and did stuff. The guy checking ID’s laughed when I returned with my black covering after I mentioned something about robbing a bank. Hack I know. The manager conducting the check out traffic waved at me. The cashier was friendly behind her sanitary napkin(a clean one!) colored mask. At the last checkout (checkpoint?) Sheila laughed when I lifted up my shirt instead of flashing my receipt.
I seriously, seriously considered shutting my trunk (I did not) while loading the groceries to and from the house. I didn’t disinfect anything (they were out of wipes). I did wash my hands for an hour, showered and shaved too!
That was pretty much my day. Whew! Maybe I’ll Netflix & Chill.

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