May….be this one?

I am a technological cave woman. Why is caveman a word but cavewoman isn’t? Last month after almost 6 months of not writing anything for this blog, I decided April would be the perfect month for this fool to get back on the horse and post something. It was titled “Aprils Fools”. I pressed, no “clicked” the appropriate button, no “tab”? And waited for its appearance to be “posted” on my FB page. Well, its been over a month and although it says it was posted the only place I see it is on my site. And who wants to travel all the way there? Also I have no idea how to “repost”. Sort of like com-post, isn’t it? So, here I sit, when I should be at work, trying to reach out and touch someone with my twisted words. And as I look at my site I discover that all of my photos are messed up too! And there’s no way I’m going to touch that problem with any type of pole. My web designer who was 12 when he created this for me is now almost 16, a freshman in high school who has no time to fix or even look at one of his first successful projects. He won’t answer any of my many email, texts or any of my many handwritten notes placed strategically in his path. I reminds me of my MYSpace page. I spent too much time working on something I don’t even remember how to access. Just checked it. It’s not the MYSPACE I last spent time with in what? The 90’s? As soon as I figure out how to get back to the last century I’ll have to figure out how to transfer that info onto another “platform” for my “fans”. Hopefully I’ll see you next month…MAYbe?

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  1. Dave Stern

    Why don’t you just copy (Ctrl+A then Ctrl+C) the post from your WordPress page … and paste it (Ctrl+V) into your Facebook timeline. Quick, easy, short-term solution until you figure out how to do it the right way.

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