Hey, hey, hey!! Happy New Year, etc. It’s been way, way to long since my last post.

When is fuct a good thing? When you’re on the dick end of the equation. Definitely. Oh man, you’re fuct” WTF? All these and many more indicate something gone wrong. These are not joyous explications of happiness. “Dude, I was so fuct up last night” has the air of optimism sort of? No? No. Half the world is trying to fuc butt not get fuct. And the other half are trying to get away. That is so fuct up, right? I couldn’t give a fuc about how fuct up the word or the world is about the sex scandal fuc ups penetrated, sorry perpetrated by those who should really give a fuc. How and when is being fuct a good thing? When you’re in love, maybe. But someone is still getting fuct even if you’re hetero or not. What’s love got to do with it anyway? Not everyone who gets fuct is in love with the fucER. I love making and giving away cookies to those I care about. But I couldn’t care a fuc about their gluten issues. But if they eat them and then have some type of “reaction” they’re fuct.

That was fucking awesome is such an interesting phrase, So full of promise and excitement. But you don’t say that to your lover do you? No you say that fvcking was awesome or wow that was incredible or you can get off me now. How did an activity that so good for you get turned into something usually defined as bad? How the fuc do I know? Maybe it’s like bad that meant bad until Michael Jackson made one hell of a great album which was called BAD. And then bad became good, sort of?
Have you ever seen a man in the throes of sexual ecstasy? He looks more like he’s passing a kidney stone or a hard shit than actually enjoying himself. They even look that way when they think they’re alone. And when do they look like they’re enjoying the experience? Minutes later when it’s over and he’s loudly snoring into your face. Maybe that’s where this whole thing started. When they’re fvcking they look like they’re being fuct so fuct they must be, see?

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