Aprils Fools?

Fools in Love, I’m a fool for you. A fool and his money etc. Fool me once. So many fools, so little time.The time is now April Fools to applaud your silliness, your crazy antics, your errant ways that make us laugh. There’s a fool in the white house and all over the nuthouse we call the government. It seems that only the fools are noticing how funny all this is. It’s a great time to be a comic or a politician. We, the fools, look on with wonder and awe at the behavior of those we’ve deemed “sane” and shake our heads at the absurdity of why they don’t see the (Hillary)hilarity. Day after day I am bombarded with the disappointment of strangers when my “expected” actions go against the perceived notions of how I’m supposed to be. Here’s an example: I was shopping for a new tent when the older saleswoman asked “you (insert you people) go camping like with a tent?” I paused, otherwise I would’ve said something funny, but cruel and insensitive? Like ” Yes, yes I am because they won’t let us sleep in the house anymore” Instead I said “Well, my husband and I are running away. We figured we’d go off the grid until the next election. It will be great! We won’t have to pay taxes or rent or anything and we’re really good at hunting roadkill too!” If I could’ve said this with a southern (insert black accent) it would’ve been perfect. But alas, I don’t “do black”. The look on her face…priceless! She walked away in a huff like I (B-I-G I) was the one in the wrong. Like it was MY fault she’d never seen a brown person in the woods or in an LL Bean catalog. Like it or not if you’re an older American you’re an “ist” racist, sexist, etc. It doesn’t matter what your skin color or orientation is. My grandmother was a wicked racist. She hated poor blacks, Asians, the Germans and some, but not all Jews. When she was growing up the U.S. was at war, again and everything was being rationed. If you grow up wanting (food,clothes,affection) that shapes the you person you grow into and has an affect on everything you do. That’s why people have big houses half of which they don’t actually live in. Why they have “extra” cars, dogs and vacation homes. None of which they need or actually elevates their level of happiness. We’ve all fallen victim to this mentality to some extent and may be doing exactly the same thing. Thinking all the while that more stuff makes me better. More stuff makes it easier for me to hide. Just Look at the insane frenzy once called Christmas renamed the “holiday shopping season” which now starts after Halloween. Every year we buy shit we don’t need for people who don’t need it or want it or use it and then the whole thing gets repeated a year later. Talk about fools! If bigger was better we’d have sumo wrestler in the white house not some big headed “ist” with an over-sized ego and too many “safe” houses to hide in. He grew up wanting (affection, attention, etc). Anyone who lands here does the same thing if they can afford it or not.I had a relative who lived in the projects (ghetto). Every time I visited the parking lot would be filled with luxury cars but the apartments would be dark. Those people (get it) would rather look like they had money than pay their utilities. My mom did the same thing. Heat or shoes? The shoes won every time. So pathetically foolish, isn’t it? Watching Trump-heads battle with the snowflakes over an “ideal America”that will never exist. Watching the wealthy and well-heeled pat themselves on the back for showing up at some rally with others of their kind to congratulate themselves for their commitment to solidarity while someone who looks like me cleans their house or raises their kids. All so they can do the important work of working to pay for me, the extra house, the dog-walker, the tutor, the bills the kids rack up while trekking across the amazon. Don’t forget the therapist. Its an amazing time to be a fool like me watching the craziness swing like a perpetual pendulum of opinions, falsehoods, half-truths, alternative facts back and forth, back and forth while everyone point a finger at everyone else trying to figure out who’s fault it is. If we can’t laugh about the world we now find ourselves in what’s the alternative? Homicide? Too many targets. Suicide? Now how much fun would that be?

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