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Where to start? Where to start? In the beginning there was the word….. and the word was good. It was good if you were a scholar or part of the ruling class. Thank evolution that those days are over. But I so love the written word, the spoken word and anything with words in them.

Welcome to Stirling Stands Up. The newest incarnation of my website. In this media saturated society I’ve succumbed to technological pressure and decided to embrace rather than shun this medium. My mission is to use this site only for good and for expressing my varied opinions and sharing my Stand-Up experiences which have thus far been very positive and motivating.

Stirling Smith grew up on the South Shore. As the seventh child she was often overlooked but rarely overfed. She was active on the stage and in the area of athletics where she clearly excelled. Some of her highschool records have yet to be broken. After jumping her way through college as a private fitness instructor she found her calling as a chef in some of Boston’s finest restaurants. In between both those noble professions she has been a roadie, bouncer, barback, bartender, carpenter, electrican apprentice, physical education teacher, artist’s model, voice-over talent and had a speaking role in a commercial for Tyson foods. When she’s not working she enjoys being back on stage embellishing her life stories with a laughtrack all her own.
Stay tuned.

OMG!! Originally attempted to publish in April
Happy Lock-down Day 40? OMG! It's been way, way too long. Almost 5 years ago, today, I stopped doing something I really enjoyed. Having hair. Just kidding! I'm doing well and hope you are too. I guess life got in the way. What long strange trip it's been! I didn't realize going to Costco would be such and ordeal. I didn't have a mask. They weren't going to let me in until I pulled the "R" card. Just kidding! I...
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Happy Lock-down Day 40! I don't know why it's taken me so long to return. I didn't go anywhere. Life got in the way. I didn't realize going to Costco would be such an ordeal. I didn't have a mask. They didn't want to let me in so... I pulled the R card. Just kidding! I improvised, circa K-2 racing, date night 10/2019. . No one made I contact. What a great device, to be invisible but in full view,...
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Hey, hey, hey!! Happy New Year, etc. It's been way, way to long since my last post. When is fuct a good thing? When you're on the dick end of the equation. Definitely. Oh man, you're fuct" WTF? All these and many more indicate something gone wrong. These are not joyous explications of happiness. "Dude, I was so fuct up last night" has the air of optimism sort of? No? No. Half the world is trying to fuc butt not...
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May….be this one?
Hey!! I am a technological cave woman. Why is caveman a word but cavewoman isn't? Last month after almost 6 months of not writing anything for this blog, I decided April would be the perfect month for this fool to get back on the horse and post something. It was titled "Aprils Fools". I pressed, no "clicked" the appropriate button, no "tab"? And waited for its appearance to be "posted" on my FB page. Well, its been over a month...
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Aprils Fools?
Fools in Love, I'm a fool for you. A fool and his money etc. Fool me once. So many fools, so little time.The time is now April Fools to applaud your silliness, your crazy antics, your errant ways that make us laugh. There's a fool in the white house and all over the nuthouse we call the government. It seems that only the fools are noticing how funny all this is. It's a great time to be a comic or...
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14 hours in Hell
Does it matter who said we had the guest house "all day"? No. But when we found out check out was at 10 and our flight 10 hours later, my man scrambled into action and found us an earlier flight within minutes. We barely had time to say our goodbyes before we were sitting at gate #5. I'm not a nervous traveler but I became one when our boarding time 11:15 turned into 11:35 and our young, friendly but obviously...
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